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Bruce Davidson - East 100th Street

"For two years in the 1960s, Bruce Davidson photographed one block in East Harlem. He went back day after day, standing on sidewalks, knocking on doors, asking permission to photograph a face, a child, a room, a family. Through his skill, his extraordinary vision, and his deep respect for his subjects, Davidson’s portrait of the people of East 100th Street is a powerful statement of the dignity and humanity that is in all people."

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i don’t want to be another year older
i don’t want to be anything

"It’s 4am—
You’re sleeping.
I’m crying."

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cut my hair

Brendan Austin - Cloud Forest


FKA Twigs // 'Papi Pacify'

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I have such an overactive sex drive for such an under active sex life.

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Swooning over these septum pretties.